Semi-automatic machine TP-206 MINIPACK

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Semi-automatic machine TP-206 MINIPACK

The semi-automatic strapping machine is designed for packing various types of goods e.g. cartons, newspapers, bank-notes, but also large objects like furniture or circular things like tires, hose pipes and cables. There are no limitations as far as strap-bound object dimensions (maximum) are concerned. Its characteristic features are an easy operation and maintenance, a reliability and a versatility. The height of the work-desk can be easily adjusted. The machine works with the PP strap of a width of 5.5 - 15 mm on the coil of an inner diameter of 200 mm. The machine is in standard modification equipped with an electromagnetic clutch of cycles stepping. The tightening power is adjustable (mechanically - TP-206 or electrically TP-206E). Maximal strapping rate is 14 cycles/minute.

Options and non-standards:

- electric control of tightening powerTP-206E

- working table with built-in rollers

- modification: low table

- small size looping arch

- modification: mini type TP-307 OFFICE MINI

- modification for pallet strapping TP-400 PALLET STRAPPER

- side sealing modification TP-203V MINIPACK

- stainless side sealing modification TP-203VS MINIPACK

Strap width (mm)5,5 - 15
Strapping rate (straps/min.)14
Electric power source230V/50Hz
Power input0,4 kW
Weight (kg)80

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