eccentric pressing machines with molding power from 100 to 1000 kN

Electroerosive metal working:

electroerosive wire cutting machine FANUC 0iD, maximal dimension of workpiece: 700x600x250mm; workspace: 370x270-255mm

CNC turning:

FOCUS FCL-300 (system FANUC 0iT-D) maximal circular diameter: 450mm, maximal shaping length: 700mm

CNC milling:

MicroCut MCVA-880 (system FANUC 0i-MF) maximal shifts of axes X, Y, Z: 800 x 500 x 500mm, maximal spindle speed: 12 000 /min.


maximal circular diameter 420mm, maximal shaping length 1500mm


maximal dimension of clamping desk: 250x850mm

Surface grinding:

maximal grinding area: 200x600mm

Apex grinding:

maximal diameter of grinding: 220mm, maximal lenght: 600mm

Metal cutting:

maximal diameter of cutting: 215mm

Metal shearing:

maximal thickness of sheet metal: 6,3mm

Heat treatment:

hardening (box size: 400 x 260 x 250mm), batch annealing, annealing, case-hardening, nitrating


MIG/MAG; welding in protective atmospheres, arc welding, gas welding

Surface treatment:

tumbling, degreasing, galvanic nad heat zincing,  chromating and hard chromating, painting