We have 13 eccentric presses with a pressing force of 250 - 1000kN, of which 11 presses are installed in automatic production lines.

6x LEN 25C - number of strokes: 75/155/min; stroke adjustability: 85mm; adjustability of ram: 55mm; projection: 225mm; table size: 450x560mm

1x LEN 40C - number of strokes: 70/140/min; stroke adjustability: 95mm; adjustability of ram: 60mm; footprint: 265mm; table size: 530x660mm

3x LEN 63C - number of strokes: 65/130/min; stroke adjustability: 105mm; adjustable ram: 70mm; projection: 315mm; table size: 630x800mm

3x LEXN 100C - number of strokes: 75/150/min; stroke adjustability: 125mm; adjustable ram: 90mm; footprint: 355mm; table size: 640x1000mm

Presses of the LEN series with the markings 25C, 40C, 63C and 100C are intended for cold processing of material, especially for cutting, punching, trimming, stamping, bending, straightening, extrusion, shallow drawing, etc. The drive of the press is provided by a switchable two-speed electric motor, which the user is given the option to choose the number of strokes of the ram according to the technological need. Part of the press is a pneumatically controlled lamellar friction clutch, mechanically connected to a lamellar friction brake.

The main advantages of the presses described above include, in particular, the possibility of setting the size of the ram stroke, its adjustability and balancing, and the precise extended self-lubricating guide of the ram. Another advantage is the rolling bearing of the eccentric shaft of the connecting rod, the friction lining of the brake clutch, which complies with hygiene regulations, as well as increased operator safety and quiet operation. Eccentric presses can work both with manual operation and in automatic forming lines.

Electroerosive metal working (EDM):

1) EDM wire cutting machine FANUC ROBOCUT ALFA-C400iC, maximal dimension of workpiece: 730x630x250mm; maximal weight: 500kg; workspace: 400x300-255mm

2) EDM wire cutting machine FANUC ROBOCUT ALFA-0iD, maximal dimension of workpiece: 700x600x250mm; maximal weight: 500kg; workspace: 370x270-255mm

3) EDM drilling machine SY-2030A, table size: 210x460mm; maximal weight: 200kg; axis length X, Y, Z: 300x200-345mm; electrode diameter 0.2-3mm

This machine has high performance, especially when drilling hardened steels and sintered carbides in diameters of 0.2-3mm. The machine primarily serves as an accessory for drilling starting holes for EDM cutters. You can easily drill into shaped surfaces. With this drill, it is possible to drill into all conductive materials, regardless of their hardness. It can be used for example for removing bent tools, screws, pins, etc.

CNC turning:

FOCUS FCL-300 lathe (system FANUC 0iT-D) maximal cutting diameter 450mm, maximal cutting length 700mm; maximal weight 400kg

SUI-50/1500 NC lathe (FAGOR 8040 system): maximal cutting diameter 420mm, maximal cutting length 1500mm; maximal weight 400kg

CNC milling:

MicroCut MCVA-880 (system FANUC 0i-MF) maximal shifts of axes X, Y, Z: 800 x 500 x 500mm, maximal spindle speed: 12 000 /min.


lathe SN-40B: max. running diameter 400mm, max. machined length 1500mm; maximal weight 300kg


TOS FGU-32 console milling machine: longitudinal feed 850mm; cross feed 275mm; maximal weight 300kg

universal milling machine FNK-2: longitudinal feed 820mm; cross feed 355mm; maximal weight 200kg

Surface grinding:

surface grinder: EQUIPTOP ESG-1224TDNC, maximal grinding area: 200x600mm

Apex grinding:

TOS BU-28/630 Cylindrical grinding machine: maximal diameter of grinding 220mm, maximal lenght 600mm

Metal cutting:

maximal diameter of cutting: 215mm

Metal shearing:

panel shears NTE 2000 / 6,3 E: max. sheet thickness 6,3mm; max. sheet width 2000mm

Heat treatment:

hardening (box size: 400 x 260 x 250mm), batch annealing, annealing, case-hardening, nitrating


MIG/MAG; welding in protective atmospheres, arc welding, gas welding

Surface treatment:

engraving, labeling: Laser marking - engraving machine Fiber Laser MT-FP30, work surface 200x200mm

tumbling, degreasing, galvanic nad heat zincing,  chromating and hard chromating, painting