Wrapping machine EXP-M

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Wrapping machine EXP-M

They are designed for wrapping goods stacked on pallets into a stretch foil. This kind of wrapping enables to increase the wrapping rate and decrease energy costs; the wrapped goods are perfectly fixed on pallets, have a nice soft design and are protected against mechanical or weather impacts.


intended for low and medium frequency wrapping jobs (40 pallets / day)

- manual work of the operator is reduced to a minimum

- semi-automatic run (operator controls the whole wrapping procedure)

- hand adjusting of the foil wrapping tension (manual foil brake)

Options and non-standards:

- ramp

- decoiler for cover foil

- frame for fixing the machine to the floor (sink)

- atypical turntable diameter 1,8 m or 2,0 m

- atypical wrapping height 2,5 m

- slow start and stop (soft start)

- slot in turntable for a hand lift-truck

- electric top pressure plate

Wrapping material machine stretch foil
Machine height 2015 mm
Max. wrapping height 1800 mm
Turntable height 82 mm
Turntable diameter 1500 mm
Wrapping speed 10 RPM
Foil width 500 mm
Max. loading weight 1000 kg
Power input 1,0 kW
Voltage 400V / 50Hz

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