Wrapping machine EXP-301

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Wrapping machine EXP-301

They are designed for wrapping goods stacked on pallets into a stretch foil. This kind of wrapping enables to increase the wrapping rate and decrease energy costs; the wrapped goods are perfectly fixed on pallets, have a nice soft design and are protected against mechanical or weather impacts.


- intended for low and medium frequency wrapping jobs

- 3 wrapping programs (operator fixes foil to a pallet before starting wrapping cycle)

- spring brake stretch system (1 meter foil can be pre-stretched to 1,65 meter)

- communication with control unit by mini-display and buttons

- home position (the turntable always stops at the same position)

- pallet height seeking by photo sensor

- slow start and stop (soft start)

- fluent regulation of wrapping tension, speed of turntable and elevator unit (by various speeds and timing control to ensure a stable wrapping)

- numbers of foil turns of top / bottom wrapping are adjustable

- a security bar helps to protect operators´ foot from any possible injury

Options and non-standards:

- ramp

- decoiler for cover foil

- frame for fixing the machine to the floor (sink)

- diameter of turntable 1,8 m

- atypical wrapping height 2,5 m

- electric top pressure plate

Wrapping material machine stretch foil
Machine height 2315 mm
Max. wrapping height 2000 mm
Turntable height 82 mm
Turntable diameter 1500 mm
Wrapping speed 0 - 10 RPM
Foil width 500 mm
Max. loading weight 1500 kg
Power input 0,7 kW
Voltage 230V / 50Hz

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