Wire buckles - galvanized

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Wire buckles - galvanized

Use with polyester cord straps (PES) if need by polypropylenee straps (PP) of a width 9, 13, 16, 19, 25, 32, 35 and 40mm. Wire buckles offers:

- high strenght

- self-locking (strap tightening can be

made manually without tightener)

- joint made by means of wire buckles

offers possibility of follow-up joint

tightening or multiple use of binding.

Zinc-coated (silver) buckles provide longer protection against corrosion (there is suffix -ZN in the name).

supply number B3/9mm ZN B4/13mm ZN B5/16mm ZN B6/19mm ZN B8/25mm ZN BZ10/32mm ZN BZ12/40mm ZN
wire diameter 2,4mm 3mm 3,2mm 3,8mm 5,0mm 7,0mm 7,0mm
packing quantity 2000pcs. 1000ks 1000pcs. 1000pcs. 500ks 250pcs. 200pcs.
box weight 7kg 7,9kg 10,2kg 16,5kg 18,7kg 22,28kg 22,12kg
quantity on pallet 132boxes = 959kg 132boxes = 1043kg 96boxes = 979kg 51boxes = 842kg 51boxes = 954kg 51boxes = 1136kg 51boxes = 1128kg

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Wire buckles - galvanized

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