PE food foil 300 x 0.012 mm

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PE food foil 300 x 0.012 mm

- usually serve for fixation of goods on pallets

- three- up to five-layer extrusive foils with adhesive

- delivered in design for hand as well as machine use

- high ductility (150 up to 300% - i.e.. 1 m foil can be pre-tensioned to 2,5 up to 4 m!!!)

- extraordinary strength and elasticity

- small density

- resistant against weather changes and excessive damp

- ecological, fully recyclable

- as standard they are supplied in blank if need be in black non-transparent design (on request other colours)

- on request strengthened foils with addition of metallocene are available

- a special type of LLDPE foil set for direct contact with food

- serves usually for food wrapping on a pad

- suitable for hand as well as machine use

- standard dimension 300 x 0,012 mm, winding c. 300 m, package 4 pieces /carton

- on request a foil with different dimensions can be delivered if need be a porous foil for machine wrapping

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