Quality and warranty conditions

Steel seals acc.to TP2/93/LIKOP

This certificate is valid for production and taking delivery of steel seals, which the company LIKOP, Ltd. makes. The seals are intended for use with strapping machines. Certificate stipulates technical and quality demands for binding clips and conditions for acceptance of deliveries.

I. Technical conditions

1.Technical documentation

Binding clips according this conditions are made by course of technical documentation of company LIKOP, Ltd. (scale drawings, production processes). All Changes of shape and size of binding clips are registered in scale drawings and confirmed by executive persons.


Starting material have to respond to conditions of technical documentation.

3.Surface of the binding clips

Binding clips are supplied conservated for short-term stocking. By request of customers the seals could be galvanized or painted.

4.Notation of products

Steel seals are marked on card board boxes by regulations which are mentioned in drawings.

II. Quality guarantee

5.Quality guarantee of the binding clips

Supplier make regular calibrations of quality. Our production staff and final inspection warrants permanent verification of the industrial process. Supplier warrants to customer that the binding clips are match with technical conditions and responds to received samples. Seller obliges that delivered goods will be correspond with object of using.

III. Packing, shipping and stocking


Binding clips are packed in card board boxes ( size of box: 183x268-164mm) and loaded on a wooden pallet of a size 1200x800mm.


The goods have to be carrying by sheltered and dry truck.


Steel seals are supplied conservated for short-term stocking. They may be stocked only in a dry places, where relative humidity is most 65%. The stocks must not contain a chemical vapours which causes corrosion.